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Effective website design

Designing a websiteAn effective website reaches a specific target audience, has a robust structure and defines your personal goals in a way that touches your audience. These should be the main elements you consider when constructing a website.

Mechanically plugging in a canned website template is easy, but making such a predesigned template an effective website that expresses your online objectives is not so easy. There are many things that have to be considered when designing a website no matter if it is a commercial or personal site.

A website is an address (i.e. location/server) on the internet that contains your website content and that can be accessed by anyone on the web. You upload your files to your web host's server and they in turn make them available to internet users. (See the diagram below) This is the way you establish your location and address on the World Wide Web.

Simplified diagram of your website, your web host and the internet (i.e. visitors)

(This is a simplified diagram of how a website connects to the World Wide Web)

Your website is a personally administered online communications connection to the rest of the world. It is here that you will sell a product, provide online services, express an opinion and/or tell your audience who you are. Therefore, when designing a website, knowing what your website visitors are seeking is imperative if you want to provide them this information in a way that they can appreciate.

Provide information

If someone would asked you what is the single most important thing to consider when designing a website, I hope that you would say that it is the information you provide because that is the top priority of search engines and web searchers.
When your website is visited it is for the sole purpose of gaining some type of information or data. Thus, always remember when designing a website that your visitor is looking for edification and it is up to you to provide it to them.

To do this you should be fine tuning and modifying the design and content of your website constantly to suit your visitor's interests. There might be new graphics to add, that new piece of code you just found or extra pages to put online.

Designing a website is a never ending project and to be successful you must apply yourself wholeheartedly and continue to evolve your website. But, that is part of the fun of being your own webmaster.

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