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Webpage Hotspots
Areas of greatest visitor interest on your webpages

Utilizing the natural hotspots on a webpage

There are some universal reactions, by your visitors, to be considered when designing a webpage. Certain areas of a webpage (i.e. hotspots) stand out the most when viewed by web surfers and are the most often clicked-on.

For example, the top left corner and the bottom right corner of the page are considered to be two of the most important areas of a webpage. In these areas clicks most often occur and should be reserved for ads or navigational elements. This is especially true of the internal pages of your website.

Internal webpage layouts should follow a pattern that is easily understood by your visitors. By maintaining the same layout template throughout your website the people visiting your site will respond in predictable patterns.

The natural hotspots on your webpages should be utilized for their maximum effect on every page of your website. These areas of interest are perfect for the placement of ads and navigational elements.

Webpage Hotspot Diagram

Web page hotspots diagram

Example of webpage hotspots

Take note of the two red areas in the above diagram;

Area 1 is the first spot your eye will jump to when viewing an unfamiliar page. Because, in general people in the western world read from left to right and top to bottom. Be sure to use area 1 wisely. It is the first point of contact between your website and target audience. This is where your logo, ads, navigational links and/or title should go.

Area 2 is another matter. Research by various service providers has shown that this area can be a hotspot for implementing website links. People often click through on links that are positioned in this area. Think of it as turning the page in a book when you've reached the end. Putting links here provides the visitor an invitation to read on.

This area is especially good for articles, text ads and pages with a good amount of reading material. Your visitors, once they have read the article or body text, will tend to click on links that are in this page position. Usually they will do this to gain further information on the subject at hand.

Ad placement patterns

I have found that this type of pattern can vary from page to page. Some pages with a large amount of text perform best when text ads are placed at the bottom right corner of the page. It all depends on the content of the webpage. The actual path that the eye follows when viewing a page is better explained by following the link below.

For a more in-depth analysis of web page hotspots see:

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