Website Subsections
Organizing the prime content areas of your website

Not all main sections necessarily need to have subsections, but most will require a further breakdown of information. It really depends on the amount of website content that you have on your site. When designing a new website and during website construction, keep in mind that the content will increase as you update and add information to your site over time. Build in room to expand as you develop your website main sections and subsections.

website subsection diagram
Website Subsections Diagram

The subsections of a website

Once you have developed your website basic layout, and the main sections of your website, decide upon your navigation scheme and group that data into subsections. Each subsection should contain all of the important data relating to a particular main section. Keep the topical information organized into its specific category for easy retrieval. The subsections of a website form the body and central message of the site. This is where most of your content will reside.

When a visitor decides to look further into your site it is into the subsections that they should be directed. Provide a navigation scheme that allows one click access to your subsections. Well organized and easily accessible subsections should always be your goal.

Subsections are the money pages

This level of a website is often referred to as the money pages. Here is where most product sales occur and the place that your primary message is presented. If a website had a soul the subsections would fill the bill. If your visitors have drilled down this deeply into your website they are very interested in what you are presenting. It is likely that they are ready to purchase a product or click on ads. The heart and soul of any website is in the subsections so spend a lot of time and effort here and make it easy to get to.


Think about how your site should be organized, decide on main section and subsection names and write them down. From this grouping organize your website structure into a logical flow or directory tree. This will be the backbone of your navigation scheme.

We have now established the home page, main sections and subsections of the website. They have been organized into order of importance and noted. This is the basic layout of your website.

Now it is time to take a closer look at navigation - how visitors will move about your site.

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